Education 4 Action



'Education 4 Action' a network of individuals linked to Critical Labour Studies


‘Education 4 Action is a network of individuals linked to Critical Labour Studies and others who are concerned with the privatisation of education and the growing impact of neo-liberalism on learning more generally.  We aim to challenge the way public and worker education  has been de-politicised and reduced in content and scope. Our aim is to raise these issues and to counter them through political action and the use of alternative forms of learning and collective discussion.

In this web space we aim to provide a set of learning materials for those interested in social and worker activism, in the context of a changing economic and social context.  We provide here a series of learning materials in terms of power points and readings under various themes that we will keep expanding. We also aim to develop a repository for reports and papers related to various topics. Use these freely and suggest any more if they are in the public domain. Moreover, we are developing an A-Z of key words that will help us understand the core concepts at the heart of the changes taking place. There are other features too.